Kirsten Hagedorn-Olsen (formerly Kirsten Jelstrup) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds an MA in History of Art from The University of Copenhagen and is currently a guide at ‚Äčthe RudolphTegner Museum, Dronningmølle, Denmark. She has previously been a guide at The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen, and The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen. Futhermore, Kirsten Hagedorn-Olsen is educated as dressmaker at Hans Ziersen Studio, Svenborg, Denmark, and has created haute couture and costumes for theater, opera and ballet at Holger Blom Studio, Copenhagen, a.o. for The Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen. Co-founder of the textile collective Sirenerne, Elsinore.Teaching a.o. at the Design School, Kolding, Denmark. Kirsten Hagedorn-Olsen  has her own studio with clothing and textile art and has exhibited widely inside and outside Denmark.

Kirsten Hagedorn-Olsen works in different media: Photography and textile art. Her photographs focus upon vanitas themes and mental states of remembrance. Her textile works are an investigation of gender-specific issues related to the liberation of women such as oppression and the feminine sexuality. Furthermore, her use of the arabesque establishes a link to the history of art, primarily symbolism which combined the meandering movements of the arabesque with imagination and energy.